LA Fitness Wellness Partnership

Angels Of Care Amarillo, TX

LA Fitness Wellness Partnership

Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health has recently announced their wellness partnership with LA Fitness to offer all of Angels of Care’s employees and their immediate family the benefit of a gym membership opportunity at a discounted rate. Our partnership will waive the $199 registration fee and will mark down the gym membership to a low cost. This partnership will apply to all of participating LA Fitness’s locations across the United States.

“Angels of Care is very excited to be able to provide the convenience and opportunity for all of our employees to improve their health at a minimum cost to them. Angels of Care continues to strive for excellence with our employees and will continue to add more wellness partnerships along the way. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.”

If you are an employee with Angels of Care and would like to participate in this program, contact Kristine Dodge, HR Director at or (972) 702-0300

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